How TO Download YouTube videos and share them on WhatsApp with Videoder

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You often come across many interesting videos on YouTube that you wish to download and share with your friends. Perhaps, the quickest and easiest mode to share the video is via WhatsApp. Basically, on WhatsApp, you can share the video either by forwarding the link or by sending the actual file. You can forward the link but most of the people don’t bother to open the link and watch the video. However, if they receive a video file, then most likely they do open and watch it. With Videoder app, you can easily do it directly from video streaming websites. Not just on WhatsApp, but it also works well with other social networks. The step by step process of downloading YouTube videos and sharing them on WhatsApp are as follows.

Downloading videos from YouTube

Downloading YouTube videos with Videoder is as easy as a cakewalk. However, there are many apps that offer the same, but Videoder is one of the best option for this task. Here is how to download it.
Step 1: Open YouTube website on Videoder through the Videoder inbuilt browser. You can also use another supported browser on your phone to open YouTube website. At the top, you will find the search option. Enter the terms related to your video.
Step 2: Thereafter, you will find many videos related to your search terms. Open the one that you wish to download.
Step 3: You will find a red download bubble on the left bottom corner of your screen. Simply tap on it.
Step 4: Now, choose the video quality that you wish to download.
Step 5: After selecting the video quality, a pop-up will appear for setting the location and number of threads. For faster downloads choose the maximum number of threads.
Step 6: Finally, tap on the download button. It will start your download. You can check the position of your downloading via tapping on the download icon located on the top of your screen,
Additionally, you can also download multiple videos for concurrent downloading. You just have to follow the same procedure.

Sharing on Whatsapp

After downloading your favourite videos, you can share them on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Gmail and many others within the app. All you have to do is go to the downloads in the app. Now, when you tap on the downloaded video a content menu will appear. You will find share option there for WhatsApp. Finally, choose your WhatApp contacts and send the video to them.