Kakaotalk PC Download

Kakaotalk is an amazing messenger application that is gaining popularity in no time in the countries like China, Taiwan, Japan, United States and Korea. The application allows you to share photos, videos, text messages and other media files with your friends for free of cost.

The app has an easy support on your iOS, Android phones and Windows Devices but the only restriction with Kakaotalk App is it is not supported by PDA or tablet.

Kakaotalk For PC:

The application allows you to build up a compatible sync between your Windows PC and mobile Phones. The app serves you with best of features to get in touch with your friends and acquaintances wherever and whenever you want.

Kakao talk pc download


  • The app along with text messaging allows you the free calling with best voice quality and no hindrances.
  • You can connect your Kakaotalk App For PC with voice animators such as Talking Tom and Talking Ben and use the conference calling which will let you talk to maximum five friends at a go.
  • You can create your own chat room to broadcast the messages to your friends for any sort of event planning or announcement etc…
  • Apart from normal texting you can use the multimedia messaging too.
  • If you have forgot to download from kakaotalk through your PC you can logout through it remotely using your mobile phones.
  • Kakaotalk App For PC lets you customise the chat by making your desired privacy settings and even make your chat password protected.
  • 2 also provides you the facility to turn your chat room into an excel spreadsheet and make the changes in the font size, color and size.
  • With kakaotalk you can also set the desired themes for different chats and chat rooms.
  • You can share different media files from your computer through Kakaotalk App For PC . The file size can be as big as 100 MB. The shared files can be accessed both through your PC and Mobile Phones.

How To Download Kakaotalk For PC?

kakao talk pc apk

  • Kakaotalk can be directly installed on your windows system by getting its .exe file from the official website available on internet and then just follow the step by step online instructions.
  • Alternatively, The other way out is download the Bluestack Android Emulator. Then search for Kakaotalk app for PC. Open the downloaded file. Run and install using the onscreen step by step instructions.

Your kakaotalk app is now ready to use on PC. It is supported easily on Windows 7, XP, 8 and vista. It is one of the best messenger app that everyone must download and use.

Features Of Kakaotalk:

kakaotalk pc

  • The application uses your phone number to get you registered as a user for the app.
  • It is a user friendly application that lets you stay connected to your friends through text conversation.
  • Kakaotalk App allows you for individual as well as group conversations.
  • If a user is having this app installed in his phone it will be clearly indicated in your contact list in front of his name and you can connect through Kakaotalk.
  • No additional charges or internet is required to use the application.
  • This app lets you follow up your favourite brands and celebrities.
  • It makes the chat interesting with amazing collection of stickers, voice notes and emoticons.
  • It also updates you with latest happenings through the latest news option.